The art of improvisation in Valencia: Cant d’Estil

It is always very exciting to find beautiful and powerful voices like Apa’s, a valencian singer that for more than 30 years has been learning and promoting a specific style that is well known in the east part of Spain, more specifically around the Valencia Region, that is “Cant d’Estil”. This style is more than 500 years old and it was sung while working in the fields.

Once again we find Jew, Christian and Muslim influences in these old songs.

Improvisation is key here. There is a singer with a very clear and powerful voice that is singing the verses that someone is making up at that very moment. The words talk about the local holiday, neighbours, family, special events, caustic crtics.

Guitars and wind instruments may escort the singer to make even more beautiful the tunes.

A good time to find and listen to this authentic style is on October 9th, a holiday at the Valencia Community. Don’t miss the chance to be present and, why not, a fresh Horchata (sweet drink) or the famous Paella  (rice dish) will be the perfect food to have a wonderful day.




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