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The Camino de Santiago has been, and remains, without a doubt, the oldest, busiest and most celebrated route of the old continent. The so-called French Way was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This is the route that has greater historical tradition and the best known internationally. It is, then, a path that unites Europe with the north of Spain through churches, bridges, cathedrals, convents….always with green as a backdrop. On this trip we will travel the last hundred kilometres of the French road to Santiago de Compostela, through the region of Galicia, from Sarria to Santiago, in the northwest of Spain. This trip is a gift for the senses. We will walk among green meadows, discover their music, cook, thaste their cheeses and wines, and finally reach the wonderful city of Santiago de Compostela.



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Our guide will receive us at the hotel with a welcome cocktail where we will become familiar with our fellow travelers, limited to a maximum of 15 in order to preserve the quality of the trip. Afterwards, dinner at the hotel restaurant.
We will travel rural roads or "corredoiras" under oak groves and small villages. It is our first day and after a hard day of walking we will relax with a session of stretching, breathing and meditation.
We will ascend first to Castromaior and then to the Sierra de Ligonde to descend gradually through the villages. In the afternoon we will enjoy a nice concert of classical music just for us.
The path continues through the leafy forests and open to the surprise of its monuments. After lunch we will immerse ourselves in the deepest local culture. We will have a good time knowing about the traditional Galician music.
After Melide, the Camino passes through Boente and Castañeda to arrive later at Arzúa, a cheese-growing village. We will use the afternoon to make a tasting with the explanations of a local expert.
Green hills will be your traveling companions to the town of Rúa. You will find hermitages like Santa Irene. We are near the end of the route to Santiago and we can not miss the opportunity to get closer to the local cuisine in a practical and fun way.
After passing behind Pedrouzo you will go up through Amenal and descend to Lavacolla. You will ascend again until you reach Monte do Gozo. From here you will see the Cathedral Towers for the first time. Only 4 km separate you from the city.
We made it. We are in Santiago and it is time to walk around this beautiful city where thousands of pilgrims arrive from all over the world. We head towards the cathedral but before entering, the ideal is to go slowly through the various streets of the old area, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO popularly known as "the almond".
Breakfast and end of the trip.
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Camino de Santiago. Walking, Music, Food.

Walking, folk and Classical music, food and wine tasting.

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