Introduction to Flamenco in Andalucía


Andalucia is a region of southern Spain rich in culture and traditions. Jews, Muslims and Christians have
lived together for centuries, leaving a deep impression on their customs, gastronomy, art and
history. Flamenco was born in these lands as a cry of hope for the most disadvantaged. It is an art that
grows from the people. It is pure passion, suffering, joy and love for life. All this is reflected in the singing
but also in the way of dancing. Flamenco reflects the culture of an entire people, their way of being. This
trip brings us closer to the depths of Andalucia, their way of understanding life, singing, dancing, enjoying
each day as if it were the last.

Seville, Jerez, Cadiz, Granada. This is the perfect trip for those interested in Flamenco Music and its culture. But also curious about Andalucía’s food and heritage.


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Introduction to Flamenco in Andalucía

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