Band, Choir and Orchestra Trips in Spain

Performance Tour in Spain

Our tailor-made performance tours for bands, choirs and orchestras take you through the most beautiful and incredible places in Spain. You will play in unique places in front of local audiences. We take care of everything. Centrally located hotels, transfers, meals, instrument rental, tourist visits, local guides. Everything you need we will prepare it for you to have the journey of your life.

Tailor made performance tours
Each group is different and has its own needs. Our trips adapt to you and your interests. The trip can be more tourist or educational. We can organize a meeting with other bands, master classes, exclusive cultural visits. Everything you need, we can get it. We are your partner in Spain.

Beautiful venues for your concerts
We chose very carefully all the places where the concerts take place. They are emblematic buildings with a special charm. We take care of promoting the concerts and attracting the local audience. Cathedrals, Auditoriums, Main Squares, Parks, Churches….you name it.

Great accommodations
Selected accommodation in central and quality locations. Hotels, youth hostels, home stays. Including healthy breakfasts.

Healthy local food. Gastronomy is important in Spain. We will offer you very tasty culinary experiences. Get the best meals with a Mediterranean touch. Visit our local markets with fresh produce or enjoy a wide range of tapas in one of the traditional restaurants in the city’s old quarter.

Our very knowledgeable travel guides who will know how to get the most out of the trip and solve any issue. Special and innovative tourist excursions.

Education and fun
In our trips you can get to know local music with private concerts, workshops with traditional music instruments, you will meet local musicians and artists from all over Spain. Flamenco, Jotas, Celtic music.

I cannot begin to thank you for each and every detail of this trip that you masterfully managed, or I would still be thanking you in a year¡ Ericka Shodin, Music Teacher at Appleby College

Performance Tours in Spain

Performance Tour in Spain


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Spain for foodies

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Musical Experience in Spain for Wind Bands
Madrid-Toledo-Andalucía-Valencia-Las Fallas Parades
1st Day
9.00 am
Arrival to Madrid. Transfer to the accommodation from the airport.
12.00 noon.
14.00-16.00 pm
Walking tour around Madrid City Center. First contact with the city. Puerta del Sol, Gran Vía, Austrias Quarter….
We will finish the walk with a nice and hot cup of chocolate and churros.
17.00-18:30 pm
Spanish lessons to learn a few words and the basics of the local culture.
2nd Day
10 am – 8 pm
A day in the life of a Spanish High School.
Today we head towards an important school in Madrid that are very much focused on music, with students working seriously on their career paths to become musicians in the near future.
3rd Day
Bus to Toledo.
10:00 am-12:00 pm
Folk music workshop
We will get familiar with different local instruments like mandolin, rebec fiddle or percussive tools like friction drums or castanets. Also, in the ancient times, the lack of money was not a problem to keep on singing with everyday household utensils like spoons, glass bottles or stones.
The music was part of the farming routines that showed how to harvest, thresh or feed the cows. Also, many songs talked about the relationships between men an women.
You will be able to sing, create rhythms, or, even, dance to the sound of Jota.
All this becomes a fun history lesson through folk music.
12:00 noon-2:00 pm
Cooking workshop: migas
Migas is a traditional dish in Spanish cuisine. Originally a breakfast dish that made use of leftover bread or tortas, today migas is a fashionable first course served for lunch and dinner in restaurants in Spain. This dish includes day-old bread, chorizo, bacon and is often served with grapes.
A salad, local dessert and drinks will be also included.
2:00-5:00 pm
ToledoTour. Unesco’s World Heritage Site
Toledo is one of the Spanish cities with the greatest wealth of monuments. Known as the “city of the three cultures”, because Christians, Arabs and Jews lived together there for centuries, behind its walls Toledo preserves an artistic and cultural legacy in the form of churches, palaces, fortresses, mosques and synagogues. This great diversity of artistic styles makes the old quarter of the capital of Castile – La Mancha a real open-air museum, which has led to it being declared a World Heritage Site.
Bus to Cordoba. 3 hours 30 minutes approx.
4th Day
Located inside the Andalusian Autonomous Community, Córdoba is a compendium of past and modernity. This millenary city, declared a World Heritage Site, is a living legacy of the diverse cultures that settled in it throughout its history. Few places in the world can claim to have been the capital of Later Hispania under the Roman Empire and capital of the Umayyad Caliphate. Splendor that, in addition, is felt in the intellectuality of this center of knowledge that has given birth to figures such as Seneca, Averroes or Maimonides. Strolling through the old town of Cordoba means discovering a
beautiful network of narrow streets, squares and whitewashed courtyards arranged around the Mosque-Cathedral, reflecting the importance of the city in medieval times and authentic symbol of the capital.

10.00 am – 1 pm
Tour around Córdoba
Guided visit to the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba and the Jewish Quarter. At the beginning we will enter directly into the Monumental Mezquita-Catedral
Ensemble, the most important and representative monument of Córdoba, witness of great historical events, and listed as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1984. Later we will walk through the white and winding streets of the Famous Cordoba Jewry, where we will pay special attention to the Synagogue (the
Jewish temple), the monument dedicated to Maimonides or the Craftsmen’s Souk.
3:00-5:00 pm
Sephardic Music at Casa de Sefarad We continue the tour with a stop at Casa de Sefarad, a Museum and Cultural Center that recovers and values the Judeo-Spanish or Sephardic legacy.
Placed in a beautiful 14th century house in the heart of the Jewish quarter of Cordoba, just in front of the only preserved medieval synagogue in Andalusia, it contains a unique exhibition that covers the different aspects of the daily life of Sephardic Jews. A didactic-musical workshop is added to the guided tour, Sephardic music in which the various aspects of daily life are covered in Al-Ándalus and Sefarad while beautiful musical pieces sound. If you wish you can prepare, previously, a Sephardic song that can be sung at this museum together with the tour guide. They will provide the words and a video with the music.
Bus to Seville. 1 hour 40 minutes approx.
5th Day
Nestled on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, Seville is the heir to a rich Arab legacy and its status as a thriving commercial port with the Americas. The Andalusian capital exudes joy and bustle in each of the streets and squares that make up its historic center, which houses an interesting set of constructions
declared World Heritage and neighborhoods of deep popular flavor, such as Triana or La Macarena.

9.00-10.30 am.
Spanish lessons
Bike tour and introduction to flamenco.
Seville is a totally flat city with an exceptional climate with more than 2,898 hours of sunshine per year. It is the perfect place to travel by bicycle. So, after a good breakfast we will be riding our bikes through beautiful places such as the Palacio de San Telmo, the Giralda or the Torre del Oro. The stop to eat will be in one of the best food markets of the city where we can choose between many of fresh and local products. Fish, tapas, fruits and vegetables, meats, good wines and juices to regain strength. Be ready for the truly Mediterranean diet. The fun continues with an afternoon full of music. We will attend an
introductory flamenco class where a professional guitarist will explain the history and rhythms in a practical and fun way. Flamenco is a music that arises from the union of the Jewish, Muslim and Christian peoples, especially the most disadvantaged and excluded from society. The sadness and joy is reflected in each of their “palos” or rhythms: alegrías, fandangos, bulerías, rumba. Thrilling.
Highly recommended.
6th Day
Environmental Volunteering at Doñana Natural Park
The Natural Area of Doñana occupies an area of about 120,000 hectares. Where we can find different ecosystems, such as the natural and the transformed marsh; the beach; mobile and fixed dunes; the vera, the forests on sands, the riverbank forest, the meadows, the grasslands, the lagoon, salt
complexes, etc.
The quality of these ecosystems has its maximum reflection in flora and fauna. Highlighting the presence of emblematic species such as the Iberian lynx and the Iberian imperial eagle, each of them undergoing recovery programs.
7th Day
Beautiful Ronda and Bulls (by bus)
Today we enter the deep Andalucía, between mountain ranges, olive groves, rivers and Mediterranean meadow. On our way to Granada we will make a stop in Ronda. Ronda is located in the heart of the Serrania de Ronda, about 100 km from the city of Malaga. Surrounded by lush river valleys and sitting on a deep ravine. It is worth going through the Puente Nuevo with spectacular views, the bullring, one of the oldest in Spain, and the Arab baths. We follow our way to make a stop at a farm dedicated to fighting bulls. We know that there is a great debate about the world of bulls and for this reason we want to show you how it works. How bulls live in the countryside, the history of bullfighting, what is a bullfighter and how they learn bullfighting. Our intention is to give you all the information so you can have your own opinion. The farm is located in the middle of an impressive natural landscape. It is part of a nature
reserve protected by the state. After such an intense day we will arrive to Granada for a well deserved rest.
8th Day
At the foot of the Sierra Nevada, between the Darro and Genil rivers, Granada is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The fact of being the last city reconquered by the Catholic Monarchs in 1492 gives Granada an unmistakable Arabic flavor. Its gastronomy, craftsmanship and urbanism are determined by its glorious historical past. Fountains, viewpoints and Cármenes, the houses surrounded by characteristic gardens of this city, contribute to create unforgettable corners. One of its old neighborhoods, the Albaicín, is a World Heritage Site along with the Alhambra and the Generalife.

9.00-10:30 am
Spanish Lessons
Zambra Dance Workshop
The morning we will dedicate it to dancing Zambra, a dance style typical of the gypsies who lived in the caves of Sacromonte. It is a festive dance that is danced at weddings. The classes will take place in a cave to make the experience as authentic as possible.
Zambra Show
Now that you know more about Flamenco, let’s see how professional dancers show all their skills just for you. Concert for the Gypsy Community.  Gypsies have historically been a nomadic people. In Granada they settled in the Sacromonte neighborhood, living mostly in caves. They have been discriminated for
many centuries and now struggle to live with dignity and on equal terms with other citizens. Gypsy culture is an important part of Flamenco from its origins.
For a few hours we will learn how they have lived in the past, their traditions, their way of life today, gastronomy.
Finally we will perform a concert for the Gypsy Community.
9th Day
9:00-10:30 am
Spanish Lessons
Visit to La Alhambra
Nobody forgets the first time they saw the Alhambra, the most spectacular and famous Arab construction in the world. From any point of the city, you can see the shape of a ship, dotted with cypresses, a monument that has been the emblem of Granada for twelve centuries. The Alhambra has been a palatial city, palace of kings and fortress, all in one. The whole is a surprising construction: it
has no main façade, no center, no particular axis. Buildings, towers, palaces, courtyards and gardens are happening naturally.
Free Evening, Shopping Tour, Spa, Science Museum, Bowling, Burger King, Federico García Lorca House, Go for Ice Cream and Churros, Tea and Muslim Cookies……..
10th Day
Transfer to Valencia
Bus trip to Valencia. It takes about 5 hours if we do not stop. But we can try the Paella in Alicante by the Sea. The Paella here is different from the one in Valencia. Quite delicious.
11th Day
Time for a tour of Valencia to see the city and some of the fallas that are built all over (about 800 in total).
We will know about Valencia history, the Fallas origins and evolution, also we will get inside one of these monuments and talk to the organizers and how the festivity works.
2 pm
Mascletá. A mascletá is a pyrotechnic shot that forms a very loud and rhythmic composition that is shot with festive motifs in squares and streets, usually during the day; It is typical of the Valencian Community.
We will see it from a balcony right at the City Hall Square. Food and drinks will be provided.
It is VERY noisy, but also VERY impressive.
Masterclass on Valencia Festive Music for Bands. We will review the most emblematic pasodobles played in Fallas by the hand of a local expert. In a practical way we will learn to get more out of the
performance of local Valencian music.
12th Day
Playing with a local band.
You will be playing and marching together with a local band around the streets of the city. This is a great opportunity to share music with other people, mingle with locals, talk to them, eat with them. The flower offering to the Virgin takes place today. A very emotional event for religious believers or, simply, cultural tourists.
Be part of the biggest and most important festivity in Valencia.
13th Day
Playing with a local band.
Today is the biggest day in Valencia, St Joseph. It’s the last day when many important events take place. And the most important is the burning of the Fallas, a unique experience that can’t be missed.
This will be our second day to live as a citizen from Valencia while playing music together with the natives.
14th Day
La Huerta de Valencia is the biggest one of the 6 urban gardens in Europe and the unique place where tigernuts are being grown. During centuries, the mixture of water, the land and the wisdom of the farmers have formed a spectacular landscape that changes in each season. The garden is an ancient
and beautiful landscape, which contains our cultural heritage and will make you forget that the city is just a one step.
You will enjoy an agricultural area full of architectural richness; Barracas, farmhouses, alquerias… surrounded by crops as potatoes, onions, artichokes, cauliflowers and many more. Moreover you will learn about the irrigation system, which was introduced by the Muslims, and the institution that regulates the irrigation, the Tribunal de las Aguas, which has been declared intangible heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO. It is the oldest judicial institution in Europe.
Although you won’t see tigernuts fields in March, You will know the whole cycle from tigernut to the Horchata because of Alboraia is being the centre of the tigernut’s production
The tigernut is the healthiest tuber in the Mediterranean diet as it is very nutritious. Nowadays it is known as a superfood. We use tigernuts from L’Horta de València to make Horchata, which is the healthiest, refreshing and traditional soft drink in our city. In addition we will invite you to a freshly craft horchata with fartons (typical sweet) in an original Horchatería situated in the middle of the
To make horchata local people use a recipe which includes drying the tigernutsbefore its use. That’s the reason why you will visit the drying building. Finally, we also include a fun workshop to learn how to make horchata at home.
In the same place we will also offer you an interactive paella workshop where our chef will help you cook our most international rice dish. It is a fun way to know our gastronomy and at the same time you will enjoy a beautiful landscape in the surroundings of the city. The experience includes a paella workshop
menu (try your own paella, one drink and one dessert per person).
15th Day
Transfer to the Airport and end of the trip

Send us an email with your questions. We will be happy to help.

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