Andalucía, Flamenco and Dance

Flamenco dance tours in Andalucia
Flamenco dancing tours in Andalucia
Flamenco dance tours in Andalucia
Flamenco music tours in Andalucia
Flamenco music tours in Andalucia
Flamenco dance holidays in Spain
Food and music in Spain
Bulls and music
Sevillanas music travel in Spain
Food, music and tours in Spain

Andalucia is a region of southern Spain rich in culture and traditions. Jews, Muslims and Christians have
lived together for centuries, leaving a deep impression on their customs, gastronomy, art and
history. Flamenco was born in these lands as a cry of hope for the most disadvantaged. It is an art that
grows from the people. It is pure passion, suffering, joy and love for life. All this is reflected in the singing
but especially in the way of dancing. Flamenco dancing reflects the culture of an entire people, their
way of being. This trip brings us closer to the depths of Andalucia, their way of understanding life, singing,
dancing, enjoying each day as if it were the last. Seville, Jerez, Cadiz, Granada. Either if you are a
beginner or have some flamenco dance knowledge get ready to discover these pearls through dance.



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Evening full of good Andalusian cuisine and authentic flamenco. We will enjoy 3 gourmet tapas, in three different bars, accompanied by good local wines.
We will be riding our bikes for three hours through beautiful places such as the Palacio de San Telmo, the Giralda or the Torre del Oro. The fun continues with an afternoon full of music. We will attend an introductory flamenco class where a professional guitarist will explain the history and rhythms in a practical and fun way.
Today we are going to take our first flamenco dance lesson. We will start with the Sevillanas, a very popular style of festive dance in Seville. Lunch will be a gastronomic and social experience since we will prepare a typical Andalusian dish called Gazpacho.
We will spend the morning learning about Alegrías style, a very festive dance that invites you to move your arms and feet and have a good time. In the evening we will take a nice walk through this beautiful southern city and enjoy a fantastic sunset over the sea.
Today is a great day since we will learn the steps of the Bulería. It is a fast and cheerful rhythm typical of Jerez, another festive dance. Lunch will be an authentic and unique experience. We will enjoy the famous Potaje cooked by a gypsy family.
On our way to Granada we will make a stop in Ronda. It is worth going through the Puente Nuevo with spectacular views, the bullring, one of the oldest in Spain, and the Arab baths. We follow our way to make a stop at a farm dedicated to fighting bulls.
The morning we will dedicate it to dancing Zambra, a dance style typical of the gypsies who lived in the caves of Sacromonte. It is a festive dance that is danced at weddings. We will end the day in one of the Sacromonte caves to enjoy one of the famous and authentic flamenco dance and music experiences that attracts thousands of visitors every year.
Alhambra, the most spectacular and famous Arab construction in the world. From any point of the city, you can see the shape of a ship, dotted with cypresses, a monument that has been the emblem of Granada for twelve centuries.
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Andalucia, Flamenco and Dance

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