Parapanda Folk Festival

Summer is full of folk festivals. We love talking about them and encourage you to come and enjoy.
Held at the municipality of Íllora in Granada on July 31, 1 and 2 August the 25th edition of Parapanda Folk, this time bearing the slogan “With a lot of heart ‘and reconvening traditional and popular music from different cultures around the world as well as other parallel activities such as the music film week for folk and flamenco.

 Friday 31 July

July 31 will hold one of the most unique acts of this edition as twinning with one of the oldest festivals of Spain, FolkSegovia festival with performance by El Nuevo Mester of Juglaría ‘a essential in the national scene.
This is a group that was created in 1969,  they have produce 23 recordings and is the top promoter of traditional Castillian songs and pioneers in the work of recovery and dissemination of this type of music.

They share the stage with the band from Granada ‘Ambulancia irlandesa’ that, after 18 years of work, propose a show in which they present the new songs from his latest album ‘Envero’, combined with the main compositions of his career arranged and updated.

Twinning with FolkSegovia and Presentation of the CD Envero


Saturday 1 August

On August 1, with the title ‘Malecon Malecon’, ‘La Banda Morisca’ and ‘Jóvenes Clásicos del Son’ the audience will dive into a Caribbean setting,  be ready to dance.

La Banda Morisca is a band of flamenco-Andalusian roots settled in Cadiz composed of musicians from other bands like Radio Tarifa who have applied their experience and desire to innovate in the field of folk music.

Jóvenes Clásicos del Son was created by Ernesto Reyes Proenza, a charismatic and visionary director who managed to unite a group of young musicians thanks to his passion and his ability to develop a new sound environment around the Son Cubano.

Malecon Malecon

Sunday 2 August

Flamenco in the shadow of Parapanda.

Evangelino Fernandez Memorial

‘Marta, “La Niña”‘, winner of the 8th Youth Flamenco Cante Jondo Contest in Los Montes

Granada singer Carmen Carmona, blending fluently traditional flamenco fusion with fresh new sounds

Also singing, Pedro ‘The Granaíno’ 
MARTA LA “NIÑA” (Granada), with Antonio de la Luz
+ CARMEN CARMONA (Íllora), with Antonio Cristóbal Jimenez, Enrique Salazar and Diego Jimenez
+ PEDRO EL GRANAÍNO (Granada), with Juan Requena
+ Guest: GUILLE FERNANDEZ (Daughter of Evangelino)

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