4 Performance Tour Ideas to travel around Spain

Band trips in Spain

Performance tour ideas for bands, orchestras and choirs. High Schools and adults have the opportunity to go around Spain and have a great experience.

The good weather is always present in Spain all year round. This gives us the possibility to enjoy more every day. In addition, Spain is full of local religious and pagan festivals that bring together in one place very different people.
Enjoy the sea and its beaches, the hundreds of music festivals, the rich gastronomy. The rural world also decorates its streets to welcome visitors and offers you nature, fresh air and many traditions.

Here are some ideas to organize a good performance tour with your band, orchestra or choir in any corner of Spain.

Camino de Santiago, the pilgrims’ route.

For many centuries thousands of pilgrims from all over the world have been walking along various paths that lead to Santiago de Compostela in the beautiful region of Galicia. The remains of the apostle St. James are found there. Walking the Camino is a personal experience for those who have religious motives as well as for those who simply want to enjoy good walks in a magical environment. Our recommendation to organize a good performance tour in Spain while doing the Camino is to walk the last 100 kilometers. This means walking 5 or 6 days until you reach Santiago de Compostela. The Camino is dotted with beautiful small Romanesque churches with an excellent sound. These places are ideal to offer concerts to both locals and pilgrims passing by.

Andalusia to the rhythm of Flamenco.

Southern Spain is full of art and music. Andalusia is the birthplace of Flamenco, a musical style that was born from the gypsy culture. Flamenco is an exciting music. The voice, the guitar, the dance and the clapping come together to make anyone who listens to it vibrate. This music takes you from the saddest feelings to the most explosive joy.
Cities like Seville, Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz, Granada or Cordoba are obligatory stops for a good Performance Tour in Spain. The good weather in Andalusia allows many outdoor concerts. In addition, we recommend you to do a practical workshop to learn more about Flamenco and finish with an authentic show with singing, guitar and dance.

Balearic Islands for sea lovers.

Sea lovers have the opportunity to visit these islands in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. The Balearic Islands have it all. Spectacular beaches, incredible sunsets, amazing natural scenery and delicious cuisine. Doing a performance tour in Spain and including these islands is a treat for the senses. It is possible to organize concerts in the open air, in small white churches in beautiful villages, in auditoriums in the middle of nature. The possibilities are endless. A perfect place to feel the Mediterranean Way of Life.

Valencia, the land of a thousand bands

There are more than 500 wind bands in the Valencian Region. Music is very present in the Valencian society. Many of these bands are made up of young people and adults who dedicate their free time to rehearse together. The bands are a very important part of the local festivities since they are the ones who put the musical note in these special days. One of the most emblematic and well-known holidays in Valencia is the Fallas. This festivity consists of building monuments of cardboard and wood with figures that portray, in a sarcastic way, the life of the Valencians. In this local festival the music bands play in the streets accompanying the falleros. It is possible that musicians from other countries can join these local bands to participate in these parades and enjoy the music and the festive atmosphere. Organizing a performance tour in Spain that includes participating in Las Fallas in March is a great opportunity to live like a local and take home a great experience.

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