Flamenco festival of Jerez

The Festival of Jerez attracts some of the most famous flamenco artists in Spain. Performers and students also come from around the world to take part in specialized workshops and classes taught by some of the best flamenco instructors. For the casual observer and fan, the main attraction has always been the outstanding list of shows.

In the edition of 2015 will pass by the Jerez festival on the main stage of the Teatro Villamarta, Manuela Carrasco with his “Naturaleza Gitana, Gitana Morena “, Israel Galván with “Fla-co-men” Fuensanta la Moneta with “Paso a Paso” María Pagés with her show “I Carmen”, Ruben Olmo premiering “La Tentación de Poe,” The Company of Antonio Gades with “Fuego”, the brothers Rafael and Adela Campallo with “Sangre”, the dancer Concha Jareño which premieres “El baúl de los Flamenco“Pastora Galván” & dentidades “The Ballet Flamenco of Andalucía with” Images “. Paco Cepero will be starring in the Festival de Jerez with” Tradición y duende “and of course, Paco de Lucía will be honored on February 26” A Year Without Paco “with Gerardo Núñez, Alfredo Lagos, Juan Diego Mateos, José Quevedo” Bola “, Santiago Lara, Manuel Valencia … and Barullo as an artist invited.

Besides the Festival de Jerez will showcase many young flamenco artists in the various normal cycles,“Ciclo Alante y Atrás”, “Sólos en Compañía”, “Los Conciertos del Palacio”, “Con Nombre Propio”, “Toca Toque”, “Jóvenes Talentos”



El mundo sonoro de Israel Galván from Festival de Jerez Televisión on Vimeo.

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