Music Travel Wish List for 2022

We like to dream because dreams come true. We dream of a year 2022 full of trips to places we love, with people who love music and good times. We dream of good food, walks through old cities, good concerts, good company.
These are the destinations in Spain that we recommend for those who dream of destinations with lots of charm.

El Bierzo
This region is in the northwest of Spain and is a mixture of cultures that absorbs traditions from its northern neighbors. It is an area with great wines, the Camino de Santiago passes through it and has great musicians such as Rodrigo Martinez.


Beautiful monumental city recognized by Unesco as a World Heritage Site. To be there is to take a leap in time. Its streets and buildings are perfectly preserved. The Jewish, Muslim and Christian cultures have left many stories to tell. In addition, the Womad Festival is held there for four days leaving a lot of music and tolerance.

This Mediterranean island is full of natural charms. For those who like the sea here you can find a multitude of beaches and paradisiacal coves. It is possible to snorkel and enjoy transparent waters full of life and color. In September a prestigious jazz festival is held there with musicians from all over the world.



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