Virtual Traveling to Folk Music in Spain

In these hard and confusing times we all look for different ways to have fun and try to feel that life goes on. Many of us love to travel; catching planes, trains, buses, trying different foods, meeting local people, discovering unique places, watching live concerts, be surrounded by the crowd. All this, unfortunately, cannot be done now.
In spite of all these limitations we are still able to find new stimuli in other types of experiences. Most of them have come through the internet. There are many leisure options that are provided on line: concerts, yoga classes, cooking, virtual visits to museums….
We want to help with two options that will bring you closer to the world of traditional music in Spain.
In this video about Flamenco you can learn about the rhythm and dance associated with the style called Tangos. In a very slow way you can get initiated in this beautiful rhythm.

The Jota is another important style in the Spanish folklore tradition. Here is another video that will help you understand and interpret this catchy and festive rhythm.

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