Best 50 spots to snorkel in the Costa Blanca, Spain’s Mediterranean Seaside.

Snorkel in Spain

The Snorkel guide on the Costa Blanca has just been published by our great partner and diving guide Rafa Martos, a unique and well-documented work on the magnificent snorkeling that we can enjoy on our coastline.

Snorkeling is the easiest and most affordable way to see the seabed. We only need some diving goggles to contemplate the wide diversity of landscapes and life that our waters hide.

From the cliffs of the Marina Alta to the last rocky coves in the south of the Alicante province, we find green, blue and turquoise waters that exert a powerful magnetism that invites us to enter them. And it is in the water where we begin this snorkeling trip through the Costa Blanca.

Snorkel on the Costa Blanca is a book that in its 200 pages offers us information on the equipment we need and tips for snorkeling, and where more than 50 submerged trails of pure Mediterranean are described in detail, with photographs and illustrations of the seabed and characteristics of each route.

It includes a collection of more than 100 images of submerged life that serves as a guide to identify the marine fauna and flora that we can find in our incursions.

On this extensive coastline of more than 240 kilometers we will find a succession of beaches, coves and cliffs drawing sublime landscapes, true pictorial prints that are the portico to peer into its waters full of life and color.

This geographical framework where the weather is favorable allows us to enjoy shallow depths where the light enters with force highlighting the orographic beauty of the submerged roads in which the vigorous meadow of Posidonia oceanica stands out. This plant oxygenates and keeps our waters clean in addition to housing a vast catalog of species that finds shelter among its beams.

Knowing helps us to value and protect our environment and it is with this premise that this guide is prepared, in the belief that only what is known can be decidedly protected.

The Snorkel Guide on the Costa Blanca, like the book Diving in Ibiza, can be purchased at bookstores, diving centers, through and by Amazon.

So welcome to the best theme park imaginable, where the attractions, in the form of submerged landscapes, arches, veriles, inlets, meadows and sandbanks overflow any human ingenuity and where the actors conduct themselves with absolute naturalness: the fish and the rest of the inhabitants of such privileged funds.

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