Will this be The New Luxury Holidays in Spain?

What is luxury? The answer will depend on who you ask.

Luxury means something different today than it did to our parents’ generation.

Now you are not what you have, but what you live. Experience is what’s important, what’s desired. More and more luxury holidays in Spain are now being associated with ecological and sustainable values.

For us, after years of experience in the cultural and musical tourism sector and after designing hundreds of tourist packages for our clients, we believe that luxury on vacation means doing something, in a specific place, that has been done by the natives for hundreds of years. As easy as that.

What seems so easy for the natives is something more complicated for those who come from outside and spend many hours looking for the authentic in each place.

Having local experts who are capable of taking risks in their proposals and who truly know every corner, everybody and everything that can make the experience something to remember for a lifetime and even make us better people.

We understand that the tourist itineraries have to bring us closer to local experts in some subject of interest who transmit their knowledge in a fun and unique way. Many of these experts are not dedicated to the world of tourism so this event is something extraordinary and that, surely, if it were repeated it would not be the same again.

Grandmothers who teach us how to cook recipes that are about to disappear, swim in transparent waters with a local diver, sing traditional songs with the neighbours in front of a wood fire under the moonlight, attend a classical music concert in a small Romanesque church whose key is only held by the mayor of a small village, drink the best wine and eat the most delicious cheese on a local farm surrounded by ancient trees, dance Flamenco in a cave with a family of Andalusian gypsies…

There are so many things to do that go unnoticed. So many extraordinary moments that are born from ordinary acts.

Is this the new luxury? To feel that you are present in a unique moment that will never be repeated with special people, in a unique place and with friends who share the same desire to be part of a real and authentic experience.

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