Music Performance Tours in Spain (with No Social Distancing)

Music Performances in Spain

We are going through hard times where we cannot have physical contact with our friends and family. Simple things like buying bread, going to the supermarket, working in the office or working out at the gym has become impossible under the circumstances. This routine made us relate to each other almost automatically and we took it for granted as something natural. Now many of us are realizing how important it was to contact and relate to other people.

Music Performances in Spain

Music Performance Tours in Spain

At Spain is Music we have a lot of experience in getting our clients to contact local people. In fact, this is what makes us different from other types of tourism that are much more passive and impersonal.We organize everything necessary so that high school bands that come to Spain can give concerts all over the country. On many occasions these young people meet and rehearse with other young Spaniards. Every time this happens we see how a special chemistry emerges between them. In a matter of minutes the language barrier or cultural differences are put in the background because of the immense desire that everyone has to mingle, talk, laugh and play together. Love for music makes all this happen. Music is a very powerful connector that acts as a universal language.

In Spain is Music we feel very proud to create links between young people from different countries. Someday these young people will become adults and rule the world with those precious values such as multiculturalism and sensitivity to art and music.
We are aware of this great responsibility in each of the tours we organize and we love it.

Music Performances in Spain

Spain is Music organizes tailor made trips for groups of friends, high school bands, choirs and associations. If you want to perform in Spain or simply get to know Spain through its music send us an email

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