5 Amazing Places for a Music Performance in Spain

roque de los muchachos

In our work with bands, orchestras and choirs we always have the great responsibility to organize the best possible itinerary in the most original places. Each group has different needs and expectations. No two trips are the same, each one is unrepeatable.

To make the experience memorable, an important ingredient is to find locations that are surprisingly beautiful and unique.

Here are some examples of fantastic places for a good concert:

Roque de los Muchachos Observatory (Canary Islands)

One of the best equipped observatories in the world is located on La Palma. The peculiar climatic conditions – high altitude above the clouds, clear view and the absence of light pollution at the altitude of Roque de Los Muchachos – allow for a pure atmosphere and thus extraordinarily clear and starry nights over the sky of La Palma. All these circumstances provide the best conditions for astronomical research.

roque de los muchachos

Foto: IAC

Drach Caves (Ballearic Islands)

Phoenicians, Romans, Berber pirates and smugglers have passed through them. In fact, they are part of Mallorca. They have always been known, although their tourist development is recent. You must visit the Drach’s Caves, which are named after a legend, according to which a dragon guarded its access. As some walls and ceramic fragments testify, they were frequented since prehistoric times. Today they serve as a visitor’s attraction thanks to the beauty of their halls and lakes.

Drach Caves

Foto: Cuevas del Drach

Ibiza Sunset (Ballearic Islands)

The island of Ibiza offers some of the most beautiful sunsets in Europe. That moment when the sun sinks into the Mediterranean Sea, silence takes over and the clock seems to stop. The end of a day and the beginning of the frenetic Ibiza night. As the sun sets, locals and tourists alike gather in cafes, coves and restaurants on the west side of the coast to contemplate one of the most magical and dazzling moments in Ibiza. An image that remains engraved in the retina of those who see it. On the White Island there is a great variety of places from which to enjoy one of the most photographed moments.

ibiza sunset

Foto: Ibiza Tourism Council

The Irati Forest (Navarra)

A forest that will provide you with a multitude of sensations: the meeting with nature, the wild murmur of water among beech and fir trees, the coolness of the Irati River or the Irabia reservoir, the elusive sound of animals and fallen leaves in autumn, the smell of the fruits of the forest and the softness of the mantle of grass that covers this jewel of the Pyrenees.

Irati Forest

Foto: Navarra Tourism Council

Merida’s Roman Theatre (Extremadura)

A real jewel of Roman architecture. With more than 2000 years of life, it continues to fulfill the function for which it was originally designed: the Theater serves as a stage for important cultural events and the prestigious Classical Theater Festival of Merida is held there.

Merida's Roman Theatre

Foto: Turismo de Extremadura

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