5 Reasons why High School Bands love to play in Spain

High School band trips to Spain

High School Bands from all over the world spend their winter and summer holidays performing in Spain. They travel around the country searching for great experiences and open to discover all that this amazing land has to offer.

Here a few powerful reasons why these young musicians choose Spain

For the inhabitants of northern Europe (and the world), winter seems endless. In the darkness of their houses, they look out the window and see a sky where the clouds won the battle to the sun weeks ago.

At the same time, there are people who walk through the sand of one of the Mediterranean beaches. The sun looks high and, although we may be in January, there are around 20 degrees and people wear short sleeve shirts.

The Spanish climate makes everyone’s life happy and that is why there are so many travellers who dream of spending a few days in Spain.

High School band trips to Spain

In the northern regions of Spain, vast valleys of green meadows are placed between powerful mountains. There, the beech forests are lush in contrast to the rare Mediterranean pine forests that populate the east coast.

The Castilian plateau gives way to an arid south, in which, however, there are some oases declared National Parks.

Rivers, lakes, valleys, mountains, beaches, forests … Spain groups a lot of beautiful different landscapes in an area of land not too large. There is one for each traveler.

High School trips to Spain

It is not a stereotype to say that each Spanish region has its idiosyncrasy and its people are really different. It is true.

Little has to do an Andalusian with a Basque, a Valencian with a Galician, etc. The climate and customs of each region have been sculpting a different character in its inhabitants. Far from being something that causes disunity, it should be admired as a cultural wealth for your enjoyment.

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Potato omelette, Iberian ham, paella, cooked, fabada, salmorejo … And so we could continue filling pages and pages about the fantastic Spanish cuisine.

The secret that Spain is a quarry from which world-renowned chefs do not cease to emerge, lies in the fact that we have a diverse and exquisite quality raw material. Fruits, vegetables, meats and fish of the highest quality open the minds of chefs, whether in a renowned restaurant, one lost in the middle of nowhere or in the kitchen of any home.

Spain for foodies

Spain has been a playground of almost every great civilization that boasts. Phoenicians, Romans, Carthaginians, barbarians, Arabs, etc. If we add to that the fact that the country was a great world power after the couple of centuries that followed the discovery of America, we have served an authentic cultural, historical and monumental melting pot that is very difficult to find in any other country in the world.

Palaces like that of La Granja de San Ildefonso, in Segovia; cathedrals such as Burgos or Santiago de Compostela; medieval castles like that of Xativa; Roman ruins like those of Merida; museums such as the Prado in Madrid or the Guggenheim in Bilbao; and excellent works such as La Alhambra or the city of Toledo.

Every corner of Spain breathes history and works of art are counted by hundreds of thousands.

Flamenco music tours in Andalucia

Spain is Music organizes tailor made trips for groups of friends, high school bands, choirs and associations. If you want to perform in Spain or simply get to know Spain through its music send us an email info@spainismusic.com

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