Reasons why people walk the Camino de Santiago

The spiritual side of the way.

All pilgrims have one or several reasons to do the Camino de Santiago. Some undertake it for religious reasons and others simply to find their spiritual “I”.
But nevertheless what they all have in common is that they get to know themselves much better. Going through the Camino de Santiago involves a process of very deep personal self-analysis that gets changed in many pilgrims forever the way they see life and what surrounds them.
You will force yourself out of your daily comfort zone The Camino de Santiago will take you out from the daily routine in which you may live. We all build a life process that we repeat every day, in which very little changes and in which we shelter, hiding in a bubble without looking out. You will learn to distinguish what really matters

One of the hardest points of doing the Camino de Santiago is not to physically face the hardness of the stages, but to find our own reason to continue walking miles and miles without apparent reason. After the first kilometers
you will find your own reason to keep going and you will realize that the Way is a reflection of life itself.
Those of us who travel the Camino de Santiago year after year usually do so full of energy, with a good mood that makes us more open to meeting new people with whom we can share our experience.
If you have not yet walked the Camino, another of the things that will surprise you the most will be the desire for camaraderie and solidarity that exists among the pilgrims. There is a long tradition that still remains, the
spirit of the pilgrim, which leads the most experienced to help first-timers on the Camino and transmit their experience so they can do the same later.

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