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Welcome to our blog. Here is where we want to show you a world of music and culture from Spain. From north to south, east to west. Enjoy and feel the history of our people. Then, when you travel to our country you will understand much better why we are how we are. It is not an easy task as neither ourselves, sometimes, can understand each other. We are a rich mix of people and cultures where music makes its part for a better coexistence.

Different traditions share space, food, languages and customs. From Andalucia to the Basque Country you will find a celebration of life, love and art that will not leave you indifferent.
We start with an approach to flamenco. Here we leave a link to the film by Carlos Saura, Flamenco, 1995. A show for the soul with dancers and guitars moaning.
Also take a look to this poem “The Guittar” from spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca. He wrote this when he was only 23. He was very close to Flamenco art.

Empieza el llanto
de la guitarra.
Se rompen las copas
de la madrugada.
Empieza el llanto
de la guitarra.
Es inútil callarla.
Es imposible
Llora monótona
como llora el agua,
como llora el viento
sobre la nevada
Es imposible
Llora por cosas
Arena del Sur caliente
que pide camelias blancas.
Llora flecha sin blanco,
la tarde sin mañana,
y el primer pájaro muerto
sobre la rama
¡Oh guitarra!
Corazón malherido
por cinco espadas


The weeping of the guitar
The goblets of dawn
are smashed.
The weeping of the guitar
to silence it.
to silence it.
It weeps monotonously
as water weeps
as the wind weeps
over snowfields.
to silence it.
It weeps for distant
Hot southern sands
yearning for white camellias.
Weeps arrow without target
evening without morning
and the first dead bird
on the branch.
Oh, guitar!
Heart mortally wounded
by five swords.


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