Flamenco dancing is good for your health

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The benefits of Flamenco dancing.

Are you thinking about learning flamenco? If this idea is around your head, go ahead! If you already have some experience, but you have not practiced it for a while now, we encourage you to return to the activity. And if you usually dance by hobby or profession, great!

Beyond elegance and art, dancing flamenco is a practice that improves physical fitness and mental state. This activity helps to increase flexibility, have more resistance and keep the joints fit , something that is great to avoid ‘rust’ and prevent future ailments.

In flamenco dancing, the hands and feet exercise different functions, that is, each part does a different thing, but both have to be well coordinated to give meaning to the corporal expression. In order to coordinate both parts of the
body, concentration and repetition are needed, therefore, the practice of flamenco is ideal for coordinating work.
Dancing as a regular exercise is an activity that allows you to burn 200 to 400 calories depending on the type of dance. In addition, by the movements and demands of each style, the muscles of the legs, arms and abdomen are
strengthened, while toning buttocks and thighs, avoiding the feared flaccidity. Therefore, eliminate toxins, burn calories, strengthen and tone muscles, so you get to stay in shape and all enjoying flamenco art.

Another benefit of dancing flamenco is that it is an excellent stimulus to have a good body perception. When dancing, the mind has to exercise to remember all the steps and, in addition, the ear has to be careful to follow the rhythm. In addition, if you decide to learn to dance several flamenco styles, your hearing will be fine-tuned over time, since you will have to learn to differentiate between the different musical styles to know exactly what you
have to do in each moment.

Another benefit of dancing flamenco directly affects your mood. Think of the tap dance. That effort will help you eliminate stress, your bad mood or any negative feeling that you have, therefore, you will feel much better after
having a flamenco dance.

In short, if you want to feel good and give your body a good dose of vitality, go for flamenco dancing!

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