Olga Pericet

Versatile artist, magnetic dancer and untiring creator, Olga Pericet is one of the indispensable names in the present spanish dance. her respect for tradition is an essencial part of her creativity, although she maintains that the dialogue with our classic dance also has an uncorformist tone and a comtemporary vision. olga pericet exhales art even in the most subtle of her movements and her indomitable personality traps the audience from the very first instant she appears on the stage.

Rosalía Gómez
We totally agree with this description of Olga Pericet
We had the opportunity to see her perform at the Corral de la Moreria in Madrid and we were amazed.
We leave her biography  and some videos of their performances so you can appreciate her art.

“PISADAS Fin y principio de mujer” (promo) from OLGA PERICET on Vimeo.

Olga Pericet is one of the most avant-garde artists in flamenco.

Important names such as Matilde Coral, Manolo Marín, Maica Moyano and José Granero among others, appear in her academic formation.

She has been a guest artist in great dance companies such as: Rafaela Carrasco, Nuevo Ballet Español, Arrieritos, Miguel Ángel Berna, Teresa Nieto, Belén Maya and Ballet Nacional de España. She has shared the stage with great dance figures such as Ana Laguna, Lola Greco, Nacho Duato, Enrique Morente, Isabel Bayon, Joaquín Grilo, Merche Esmeralda, Carmen Cortes and virtuoso violinist Ara Malikian.

In 2004 she puts her choreographic signature and performs in the shows “Bolero, carta de amor y desamor”, and one year later she creates along with Manuel Liñán, the show “Cámara negra”, that same year she forms an ensemble with Marco Flores and Daniel DoñaChanta la Mui, creating a show by the same name. Other works as a choreographer include: “Complot”, as part of Chanta la Mui, premiered in the dance festival La Otra Mirada del Flamenco; “En sus 13” performed at XV Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla, “De cabeza” (2009) as part of Teresa Nieto ´s company, “Recital” (2010) was Chanta la mui ´s third creation, “Bailes alegres para personas tristes”, created along with Belén Maya and premiered in Festival de Jerez (2010), ofor which she received the Artista Revelación award. “Rosa Metal Ceniza” (2011) was her first solo creation for which she received a nomination for best female dance performer MAX award of the Performing Arts. “De una pieza” (2012) was premiered for the opening of the 4th flamenco festival Biennale Holanda and at the Düsseldorf Festival, Germany. “Pisadas” performed at Festival de Jerez 2014.

She has performed in different festivals, galas and important venues all over the world: Flamenco Festival Washington GW ‘s Lisner Auditorium, Boston Emerson Majestic Theater, New York City Center, Miami Arsht Center, Londres Sadler´s Wells, Australia Opera House, Maison de la Dance, Flamenco Bienal Challiot de Paris, Días de Flamenco en Tel Aviv, Flamenco viene del Sur, Festival Danssa Valencia, Festival de Jerez, Bienal de Sevilla, Festival del Mercats de la Flors, Festival de Madrid en Danza, Bienal de Holanda, Festival de Nimes, Festival Música y Danza de Granada, Gala del 20 Aniversario de la Unión de actores, Gala de la Danza Expo de Zaragoza 2008, Gala Flamenco Festival (2007) (2012).

Awards that the choreographer and dancer has won are:

First award in choreography and music in the contest of spanish dance and flamenco in Madrid (2004).
Villa de Madrid Award for the best dance interpreter (2006).
Pilar López National Flamenco Award.
Max Award for the Choreography of De cabeza, which she elaborated with the rest of the cast (2009).
Revelation Artist Award in the Festival de Jerez (2011).
Award “Flamenco Hoy” given by critics to the best dancer (2012).
Nominated for best female XV Dance in Max Awards for the Performing Arts (2012).
Award “El Ojo Crítico de Danza” 2014.

Currently she tours with her three shows: Rosa Metal Ceniza, De Una Pieza and Pisadas, this last work was premiered in the Festival de Jeréz 2014.


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