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Valencia offers a combination of avant-garde styles, culture and Mediterranean spirit capable of captivating any visitor.
There are thousands of corners to discover. 300 sunny days a year, an average temperature of 19º C, a rich and varied cuisine with rice as the main ingredient and its delicious paella, 7 kilometers of beach, the former bed of the Turia river is today a huge park with 9 kilometers of gardens, 2,000 years of history offer from Roman vestiges to modern architecture in the City of Arts and Sciences.


On our trip we will learn to use our cameras to capture all these places in photographs made by ourselves. Of course, every night we will enjoy one of the hundreds of musical events that take place in Valencia.


Whether you are a beginner or an advanced photographer, whether you want to improve your photography skills or getting to know the city in a different way, this is your trip. Join us



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Night photography in the center of the city and tapas in the Ruzafa neighborhood. We will pass through the town hall square, the most central and important square, with buildings from the beginning of the 20th century. The next stop will be the northern train station, a monumental Valencian modernist style building. Just next door is the bullring of the city built in 1860 and inspired by Roman civil architecture.
Old town, central market and flamenco. We will spend the morning to photograph the old quarter of the city passing through narrow streets of Arab tradition, the round square, the cathedral, the basilica and its large square of red and white marble.
City of Arts and Sciences. Paella on the beach and Jazz. We move to the future by bicycle. The City of Arts and Sciences is a collection of modern buildings designed by the famous architect Santiago Calatrava. A fantastic place to get much out of our camera and get bright and original photos.
Our last day in Valencia. We will enjoy a visit to the Plaza Redonda crafts market for last minute shopping and photos.
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Valencia, music and photography